Our Vision

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to proclaim “New Life in Christ to the Nations of Silicon Valley.” Revive Presbyterian Church is a Gospel-centered, grace-motivated family who seeks to be a beacon of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We will intentionally cross cultures and generations to reach immigrants and minority Americans with the Gospel and unleash a disciple-making and church-planting movement to impact the nations from the “end of the earth” that have come to this metropolitan area that is so crucial and strategic for the Kingdom of God at this moment of history.

Our Ministry Values


Gospel-centered, grace-driven

Word & Spirit

Christ reigning through Word and Spirit


Making missional disciples of all nations


Counter-cultural, intergenerational family


Reaching nations & renewing cultures with the Gospel


Every-member ministry


Heavenly citizens blessing our city

Our City

Santa Clara County, more famously known as “Silicon Valley,” is located at the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. How does one describe this special place? If Manhattan in New York City is one of the leading global urban centers for finance and the arts, then Silicon Valley is basically Manhattan for technology and innovation as our key industries; yet we have much better weather and far more Asians. It attracts incredibly bright, talented, driven, and ambitious people from all around the world to create and serve companies, institutions, and products which powerfully influence and impact the globe.

The Valley is incredibly diverse. For example, Sunnyvale, CA, where our church is located, is in the center of the county and has a 47% foreign-born populace. It is 44% Asian, 33% white, 17% Hispanic, 2% black, and 4% mixed race/other. Throughout the region the Asian percentage continues to increase while the high cost of living is causing whites and Hispanics to move away.

Silicon Valley is physically beautiful with almost perfect weather and has astonishing concentrations of wealth. However, underneath all the seeming worldly success, there is also great brokenness. This is a very stressful place to live in which people struggle with constant performance pressures, high costs, achievement and success idolatries, questions of self-worth, loneliness, and depression. A single-digit percentage of the inhabitants know Christ and are active in church, and the Valley is filled with immigrants and minorities who have never stepped foot into a church and know nothing about God, Jesus, and the Bible. The need for churches that can effectively reach these immigrants and minority Americans is tremendous. At the same time the potential for global Kingdom impact is incalculable.